Men's Ministries

Mission Statement

Together, we will help present every man with a credible offer of the Gospel, encourage them to pursue God, and equip them for spiritual service in the home, church, workplace, community, and world.

Our Purpose

  • To provide masculine Christian fellowship;
  • To inspire, teach, and equip Pentecostal Holiness men to become involved in lifestyle evangelism;
  • To create for Pentecostal Holiness men the opportunity to serve by challenging, training, and involving them in their gifted ministries under the leadership of the pastor;
  • To challenge Pentecostal Holiness men to organize and support activities for boys through Royal Rangers;
  • To challenge Pentecostal Holiness men to sponsor and participate in new church planting;
  • To organize the Men of Action ministry at the general, conference and local levels to reach out to the local church, community, nation, and world in times of crises, disaster, and need.